Professor David Nutt: The Therapeutic Use of Psychedelics

During The PSYCH Symposium in November 2020, Professor David Nutt, chairman of Awakn Life Sciences, founder of Drug Science and the director of neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London, delivered a virtual keynote speech on the impact of psychedelic medicines across history and culture before covering the complex and unbridled potential they hold in the treatmentContinue reading

Gwella and the Untapped Opportunity In Functional Mushrooms

A new company straddling both the functional health and psychedelic space with a consumer/retail first approach. Backed by a leading team of scientists, doctors, investors and experts across the wellness space, the company has full service creative, digital marketing, and e-commerce expertise, which is supported by a board with extensive knowledge of developing, marketing andContinue reading

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Launch Psychedelics Initiative

Exclusive: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines announces initiative to permit psychedelic treatment and research  The Caribbean nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has launched an initiative to permit and support psychedelic research and wellness. The initiative will begin as a Medicinal Wellness Feasibility Study, which is expected to last 24 to 30 months, andContinue reading

Compass Pathways’ IPO could signal a prosperous future

For the first time, stock in a psychedelic medicine company was traded on the market – and it was major success. Compass Pathways (NASDAQ: CMPS) went public by launching its IPO earlier this months and sold 7.5 million shares, raising $127.5 million, per Market Watch. Shares were initially offered at US$17, and the first stockContinue reading

PSYCH talks to Ronan Levy on Field Trip going public

Field Trip Health Ltd. (CSE: FTRP) began trading shares on the Canadian Securities Exchange on Tuesday 6th October, opening at $3.50 Canadian Dollars and closing its first day at $2.70 Canadian Dollars. The public listing comes on the heels of a reverse take-over which merged Field Trip Psychedelics Inc. and Newton Energy Corporation to formContinue reading

Legal psychedelic therapies will offer healthcare cost savings of billions of dollars

While a number of states have begun to legalise the medical use of certain psychedelics, widespread legalisation is set to start taking place from 2021 onwards. The new global psychedelics industry will be poised to result in cost savings of hundreds of billions annually on medication, counselling and lost productivity – entirely disrupting the wayContinue reading

Innovation in Psychedelics

This is a nascent and fast emerging industry, witnessing a flurry of commercial activity, including the founding of new companies, a number of IPO listings from established companies and a spate of M&A activity occurring on an almost daily basis.  “Innovation is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.”Continue reading

Consumer attitudes to Psychedelics for mental health

PSYCH by Prohibition Partners conducts proprietary research on consumer attitudes to psychedelics In May 2020, Prohibition Partners conducted a nationally representative consumer survey in the US and the UK, the aim of which was to gauge awareness of, and attitudes towards the potential use of psychedelics for the treatment of a variety of mental healthContinue reading

Digital therapeutics and telehealth set to transform psychedelic therapy

COVID-19 and the ‘new normal’ for healthcare provision  Pioneers and early movers in the psychedelics industry are using tech to a) develop bespoke therapies for patients which are individually tailored to treat their specific mental health challenges; and, to b) broaden access to healthcare for greater numbers of patients via telehealth services.  Amidst a globalContinue reading

Transformative medicines for mental health: PSYCH Symposium highlights

Emerging themes from the Psych Symposium @ Prohibition Partners Live, 22 and 23 June 2020. What if there was a medicine which could effectively cure treatment-resistant depression, a condition which negatively impacts the quality of life of more than 100 million people worldwide? What if there was a treatment for substance misuse, such as opioidContinue reading